Alleria Wyndarin


Queen of the Half-elves






Alive (born 798AC)


Noras Wyndarin (brother)
Ywia Wyndarin (sister)
Laon (husband)

Alleria Wyndarin is the ruler of Half-elves.

Biography Edit

Approaching the end of King Baltazar's reign, when Great War was already began, mother of Alleria, Noras and Ywia was raped by an Elf warrior. After eleven months she gave birth to three children - Alleria, Noras and Ywia. Mother of the three children died soon after the birth.

Fortunately, the three were taken care by Irwena Wyndarin. Under her care they grew up as fierce archers and masters of Hawk-riding. By the time Alleria took the leadership of the whole Half-elf race. During the war she lost her brother and sister, then she understood, that this war against Humans and Elves was senseless and it would only ruin their kin, therefore she retreated and founded Noras Talath in honor of her dead brother and named the pond next to it Ywia's Pond in honor of her sister.

Since then Alleria has wisely ruled over her kind, untill, recently Furion Greygale offered her to rejoin the Force. She accepted the offer, which caused major resonance in the Half-elven and Human society. But Alleria has her own plans to revenge Humans for their offenses against Half-elven race.

Legacy Edit

Alleria Wyndarin will always be remembered by Half-elves as the one, who found a place to call their own. There is a statue built for her honor in Noras Talath.