Bluetshire (3,000)




Human (3,500)
Troll (700)
Dwarf (300)




Drastor Bloodblade

Other settlements

Cod Bay
Peacekeeper Hill
Highcliff Lighthouse


Southern Hallearia


Vegetables, Copper, Platinum, Iron (formerly: timber)

The land of the east (or Eastarra in Common) is a grassy peninsula, that is located east from Evergreen valley. It is under jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Evergreen, but not under it's control. Eastarra is considered the "breadbasket" of the Kingdom of Evergreen, making it's inhabitants the richest in the Kingdom of Evergreen.

History Edit

In the past Eastarra was a large forest. After humans started to build their cities and towns they used timber of Eastarra to build them, because it was much more resistant.

After they chopped down all forests they found out that this land is very good for farming, therefore they started to farm and in the guidance of Gustaw Bloodblade founded the town of Bluetshire.

Recently Trolls attacked Eastarra and destroyed the most of the farmland and established some encampments to continue their crusades against the Kingdom of Evergreen. Human warriors were greatly outnumbered and defeated by Trolls. Those, who survived left and warned the king about possible danger. King ordered to cauterize the eastern side of Evergreen valley and let none in, because Kingdom's army currently is too small to support Eastarra. As Trolls continued to attack Eastarrians tried to flee, but found out that they can not do that, because the border to Evergreen valley is closed. Count Drastor Bloodblade was powerless to correct the situation, therefore his son, Vlad Bloodblade founded People's militia and with inhabitants of Eastarra fought against Trolls and human warriors that guarded the entrance in Evergreen valley.

Currently Eastarra remains destroyed, with Trolls trying to conquer the peninsula, farms fallen in disrepair and it's inhabitants fighting against Trolls and human warriors for justice, that behooves to every inhabitant of the Kingdom of Evergreen.

Geography Edit

Eastarra is a peninsula that is located to the east of Evergreen valley and to the northeast of Cape of Storms, in Hallearia. Most of it's territories are plains, with small "rolling" hills, that do not tend to be higher than 5 meters. Many hills are liquidated and in their places farms have been built. The largest settlement of the zone, Bluetshire is located in southern part of the zone, next to mountains that separates it from the Cape of Storms. These mountains are overgrown with many trees and bushes. They take many precipitation, making Eastarra very humid and fertile. Mountains are also a very good place for mining such ores, as copper, platinum and iron.