Main leader

Lor'manel Le'thranaar (Lord of Phoenixes)

Secondary leaders

Wabo (Troll representative)
Syndra Asyntharia
Apani Stormcusp
Neo Steamsmoke
Myria Sunblossom


~200 000


Dark Elf


Leth'Lorien (Elf)
Deril'Diel (Elf Mage)
Drakka (Troll)
Drassilus (Dark Elf)
Imperium City (Undead)
Kargath (Goblin)
Skycloud Mesa (Taurus)


Quelarian, Zuldumu, Eredruin, Ratakhe, Deadspeak

The Guardians are one of two main political factions in the world of Axarond, it's counterpart being the Force. It's main members are Elves, Dark Elves, Undead, Goblins, Taurus, and Trolls.

Currency Edit

Currency used by those, affiliated with the Guardians is called Ios. These coins are forged in Sildalar.

  • 1 Ios = 100 pfennings = 10,000 doughs

Ios is big, rounded golden coin, with portrait of Lor'manel Arandor in the center of the obverse. On the reverse side of the coin coat of arms of Thel'quelar is engraved. On the margin of the coin it is engraved "Feel our strength!"
Pfenning is a bronze coin, with white Whitepetal in the middle of obverse. On the reverse side of the coin there is coat of arms of the Guardians. On the margin of the coin text "United in strength." is engraved.
Dough is a coin made of cut glass. During night it is white and transparent, but in daylight, turned in different angles against the sun it may change it's color.
Unlike Force, Guardians use paper money, too.