Meridian (after Aggrakar's resurrection called also Bloodcurse Village) was an agricultural hub of Averdina prior to Barbarian invasion in Darkwood Hills. It is the town, where Andreus Eagleye was born.

History Edit

Meridian was the first settlement to be found by Mankind. Soon it became too small to sustain whole Human race, therefore most of it's inhabitants fled further north to establish Shaladlar. Ever since Meridian has been capital and agricultural hub of Averdina.
It is known as place, where king Andreus Eagleye was born. Soon after his birth the town was attacked by Barbarians. Nearly all buildings were destroyed or damaged. During the assault several denizens of Meridian were killed, but the most of them were untouched by Barbarians, for a while. Inhabitants of Meridian decided that this misfortune was brought by a witch. They executed nine women for witchery in hope that the disaster will end, but it didn't. After a while people started to kill each other to eat. Remaining survivors were later killed by Barbarians to entertain themselves.
Now Meridian is inhabited by Barbarians.

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