Wind Vale


Waltenburgh (200)




Human (2,800) Elders (200)




Bishop Fattings

Other settlements

Sorrow Hill (2,000)
Sorrow Hill Monastery (400)


Southern Hallearia

Wind Vale is a valley in southern Hallearia, to the south of Evergreen valley.

History Edit

Wind Vale has always been a safe place, because of it's seclusion - the only way to get to the vale is by Screamwind Pass.

Before the formation of the Kingdom of Evergreen Wind Vale was Troll territory. After some calm years Humans and Trolls understood that both nations can not live in peace and possessed even larger threat to each other. Only one nation could stay. Since Humans possessed greater technologies they won this war and banished Trolls from the Wind Vale. This event marked end to once powerful Troll empire.

During the Great war the Kingdom of Evergreen splintered into 4 nations. The ruler of Wind Vale became, Breneth Greygale. He experienced enlightenment and created the Church. Bringing the new religion into everyone's homes he managed to unite three of four splintered nations: Wind Vale, Eastarra and Evergreen. He became the next king of The Kingdom, because he managed to unite it and brought peace.

Geography Edit

The largest feature of the whole vale is the lake. The lake was created to flood the capital of ancient Troll empire. To the north of Wind Vale is Evergreen Valley, to the northeast - Eastarra, to the south - Cape of Storms, to the northwest - Newfoundland